Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Well Read Bun

Smokey, my French angora rabbit, really likes magazines....well, really likes to chew on magazines...but her favorites tend to be healthy ones. She like my Curves magazine, and is very fond of Martha Stewart.

Here's a pair of Monkey Socks I've finished for Christmas using Trekking XXL yarn. Love that yarn, and this is a great knitted sock pattern. Have to wash and block them, but hey, the knitting is finished!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Making Cane Syrup

Today was a BEAUTIFUL south GA day, and a perfect one to make cane syrup. We arrived at the farm a little late for the pressing, but our friend Tracy is demonstrating how it's done with a tractor/contraption that squeezes out the juice into a bucket, while the tractor driver(used to be mule) gets dizzy going round and round and round.

Next, the juice is boiled for hours (and hours) in a caldron and skimmed to remove impurites such as wax from the cane and anything else lurking in the boiling caldron.

It's getting close to time for syrup now, and the way it pours off of the edge of the bucket lets you know if it's ready. (I would need a thermometer to figure this out, but I think I got it by what it looks like....)

It's ready - time for Cosmic Ray and Donald to pour it through cheesecloth and filter out any remaining plant/bug parts.

I had the all important job of moving the empty bottles into position to pour....
Time for biscuits! Yum!