Wednesday, October 08, 2008

GA National Fair

I've always wanted to enter something I've made in the GA National Fair held each October in Perry, GA, but I just never got around to it, or I  decided too late and the entry deadline had passed.  This year was different - I actually looked at the website and found out when the entry deadline was, organized my entries and got them there IN TIME.  (It's a little thing, but a big thing for ME).  Here's a few pics of what I entered - the biggest surprise was a 1st place ribbon and special achievement rosette for my handknit Monkey socks.

I entered 3 skeins of handspun in the apprentice division and won 2 third places.  Perhaps my biggest thrill was seeing my  quilt on display hanging in the giant exhibit hall.  At first I couldn't find it, but later located it hanging right over the top of the Chili cook-off competition.  The attendant at the door wasn't going to let me in, but I explained I had no interest in the chili but that MY QUILT was hanging overhead and I wanted to see it.  She smiled and let me sneak behind the competitors so I could see it more clearly.  Later on in the evening, I was able to take some photos.  I pieced and sewed the top, and my friend, Sue Shippey did the quilting. We won an Honorable Mention.  That's pretty good for this competition where LOTS of quilts are entered and hang from the ceiling all over the giant display hall.


Janelle said...
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Janelle said...

Wow! Congrats on your fair entries/wins! Your quilt is lovely and way to go on the socks!

PS: I LOVE the Prelude! Hope you're still enjoying the Traveler!

tonni said...

This is sooooo exciting! Congratulations for your wins!!

Daniel said...

Glad we won! It looks great hanging up there