Saturday, February 14, 2009

Trying to come back!

Haven't posted her in a while - had rotator cuff surgery Dec 24th and am slowly making my way back into the real world. Now that the drugs have worn off and I can type with both hands again, maybe I'll do better...although I can now right my name with my left hand and perform other tasks my left hand was not used to doing.

Our wood stove is in! Cosmic Ray got it hooked up before Christmas and I'm enjoying it so much. We used it when we lived in Nebraska to heat our whole house, so you can imagine how warm it makes us in south GA. Good for chilly nights, which we've had more of this year.

Had fun in Destin, FL for a few days in January with my knitting/spinning friends. They took good care of the "crip" and even though I couldn't do much spinning, I had a lot of fun. The girl in the photo with me is not my daughter, even though I would claim her, it's Amy, my friend Cindy's daughter. We had fun enjoying the sun and sand together in Destin.

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