Friday, February 10, 2006

Let the knitting Olympics Begin!!

Just after 2 pm today, while the opening ceremonies were beginning in Torino, I cast on for my Olympic Knitting project. I'm making a pair of socks from alpaca/wool sports weight blend of deep purple and gray. I have 16 days to finish these socks, and I'm off and, knitting....with over 4000 of my closest friends, most of whom I've never met, but with whom I share a close bond of craziness and knitting. While other athletes are testing the limits of their endurance on slopes and skates, I'll be testing my limits to knit with sticks not much bigger than toothpicks. Hopefully I'll experience the "thrill of victory", and not the agony of defeat...



YarnThrower said...

I saw your nomiker, read your profile, and couldn't help but comment..... I, too, am a 40-something mother, except only two kids, here. Oh yes, and I'm also a knitting fanatic. Best wishes with the Knitting Olympics!

Elizabeth said...

I'm checking out the other blogs that got added to the Fiber Arts Blogger ring. That's my medium thrill for the day. I'm also a 40-somethig mother, only 2 kids, participating in the Knitting Olympics. Didn't go to Penn State, but nearby Bucknell.

Enjoy the Olympics!